Dear sirs

I visited the restaurant last week for a birthday party. Food was amazing. We had lots of courses and every single dish was cooked just right. Service was also faultless. We would definitely go back. It is easy to get to and parking is available in nearby carpark. It is nicely located on the riverbank. Would give 5 stars for food.

Thank you


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All our members who attended said that they enjoyed it very much.

As the organiser for the event it is always good to know that the food and service is excellent at The China Boulevard.

Kind regards
Charlie Short

Hi Eric,

I just wanted to send you a note to thank you and your wonderful team of staff at China Boulevard on a superb and successful wedding for Fung Chee and Jason Cheung.

Well done to you all, we are very grateful.

I am sure we will see you again soon, we'll definitely recommend your venue to more family and friends.

Kind regards
Lisa Cheung


To Dear Eric,

What a fabulous wedding banquet! John and I are aware that you and your staff had put so much effort into it. It's truly excellent from start to finish, with delicious food and outstanding services.Elaine & Hari's friends still talking about how wonderful and how much they enjoyed themselves on the Day at your restaurant.Much appreciated!Warmest regards,From Helen and John WAN

Mrs. H. Wan


My husband is very fond of spicy sliced pig's ear. Do you make this dish at your restaurant? The only place we have had it is at the Chinese restaurant in Greenwich.

I also wanted to let you know that we have had great meals at your restaurant. I am so glad my friend Sarah had her birthday party at your venue over a year ago as your place is the best in the area.

Thanks and kind regards

Liani Swanepoel

Dear Lily

This is a rather belated thank you to you, Lyn and all your staff for the excellent lunch on 26th June. We were very well looked after and given the good weather we were able to make use of the outside facilities.

Several people said it was the best Chinese food they had tasted since leaving Hong Kong.

Thank you again With kind regards
Francis and Jean Walker

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Now here is a place that is not that well known probably because it is hid away on the river front, however one stroll down the river and you will not miss this place, it is huge. I gave it 3 stars, particularly for its location and great river views.

This is a huge restaurant that I read could seat 400 people. It has a really spacious atmosphere rather than a traditional oriental one. Make sure you reserve/get a table by the window if you can (you will have more chance of this if there are four persons)

For starters we had the steamed Vegan Dumplings which you have to order for two people minimum (£4.80 per person) and the vegan satay 3.90.

I then had the spare rib with pineapple 6.80 which was actually really good. My girlfriend ordered the Pei Pa Tofu 7.80 which she said was good but not worth 8 pounds.

For vegetables we ordered the choi sum 6.80 which was a bit boring, again over priced and lacked flavour.

The food is presented really nicely , and, it is a good place to chill out by the river, have some green tea and a choice from the menu after a long river walk.


Mark from Putney


This is a very large restaurant in new blocks of flats with a ground floor given over to weddings, etc and tables on a balcony floor overlooking the river.

We went upstairs and were warmly welcomed and shown a table overlooking the river. The food was very good and professionally and warmly presented. We had salt, and chilli softshell crabs and prawns together with jellyfish followed by a large steamed sea bass and four supporting dishes and a wooden tub of rice. All was faultless and well presented. At £40 a head with 

Value Excellent
Atmosphere Great
Service Good
Very pleasantly suprised"
Reviewed 28 September 2011

John from Chelsea

I normally go to China Palace (Excel) or Yi Ban in Docklands. We went to CB on a Monday for dim sum. 

However different opinion as I found the staff friendly and the manager was very smiley.

We had the following authentic and usual weekly typical dim sum food: - har gau, - chicken feet BB sauce, - pork ribs with black bean sauce, - king Prawn cheung Fun, - custard buns, - bbq pork buns, - Prawn Spring Rolls, - Prawn croquette with salad sauce, - Turnip patty.

All was very good quality and fresh! similar price and standard to Yi Ban and Excel.. or if not bit better.

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Lynn Chen
Overall rating
Food 9 | Service 7 | Atmosphere 7 | Value for money 8
Thursday, October 06, 2011

The setting of China Boulevard is sensational, giving you gorgeous views of the Thames. The food is really, really good too - authentic dishes are prepared with dedication and care and are certainly value for money.

With the setting it has, China Boulevard is the perfect place to impress a date.

Reviewer lynn_chen

Delicious! Best Chinese in London...just like Royal China but cheaper!

Overall rating
Food 10 | Service 9 | Atmosphere 9 | Value for money 10
Saturday, September 25, 2010

I went to China boulevard for half price dim sum today, and it was very busy, we're talking about Monday lunchtime! After the average reviews I wasn't expecting much but was pleasantly surprised by the tasty food. Also you can't beat the price, 50% off good quality dim sums which are just as good as dim sum joints in Chinatown. Their prawn cheng fun and scallop dumplings were very tasty, although I wasn't too keen on the pork dumplings. That's just my personal preference though, the only thing that lets down this place is the slow service, and as it was packed full of Chinese families our party of 2 was ignored at times. It's great that it's local, and we'll be back soon.

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Overall rating
Food 7 | Service 3 | Atmosphere 7 | Value for money 10
Monday, August 23, 2010

Review byMelina Faraday30/12/2008

If you fancy a change from the cramped side streets of Chinatown but take your dim sum seriously, this is the place for you.

The Venue

China Boulevard is right on the river, with far-reaching views from three sides. It's a huge open plan room with floor to ceiling windows but has an otherwise traditional Chinese feel. If you want the full effect, go up to the mezzanine level, which has an impressive panorama day or night.

The Atmosphere

As with all good Chinese restaurants a high proportion of the clientele is Chinese. There are more families and big groups around dim sum time but at night romantic couples also come out to play. They often have private parties downstairs so if you like people watching more than river views sit on the inside of the mezzanine.

The staff are polite and efficient, but don't expect much chitchat, the place is always busy and everyone moves about with great purpose. China Boulevard also has two private karaoke and party rooms for hire and they offer a set menu, so it's ideal for birthdays and celebrations.

The Food

Whatever you're in the mood for they are bound to have it, from squab to tofu to Dover sole. The main courses vary a lot in price, from £4.80 for Singapore noodles with chicken to £23 for Shaoshing native lobster with ginger and scallion. To get the appetite going the glazed diver scallops on the shell with coriander and asparagus are dainty and extravagant at £4 each. The pak choi with garlic has a perfect natural sweet and sour taste and the honey barbecue pork tenderloin is succulent, sweet and meaty, but if you want superb value for money, go for the dim sum.

The Chiu Chow peanut dumpling is soft and transparent with a rich peanut and vegetable crunchy texture. The pork Char Siu bun is out of this world, fresh, buoyant dough with a splodge of deep brown, saucy barbecued pork in the centre. The grilled turnip patty has an unusual candied flavour and is a great alternative for vegetarians because it's dense and filling. The Cheung Fun, translated as a rice pasta roll, is like a squishy pancake with meat, prawn or veggie fillings: it's tightly packed and melts in your mouth.

The deep fried squid are light, crispy and fresh, served with sweet chilli sauce. The chow mein noodles are thin, fried to perfection and not too oily. From the rotisserie, the Canton roast duck and soya chicken are excellent. The duck is tender and lean with just enough skin to prevent dryness. To finish, if you have any room left, the egg tarts are sweet and simple, if you're feeling more adventurous try the chilled mango syrup. In a typical group of 4 expect to pay between £20 and £30 a head depending on what you're drinking and you will definitely not be hungry two hours later.

The Drink

There are about 50 wines, ranging from £14 a bottle for a South African white or Spanish red to £215 for a Chateau Cheval Blanc so there is something for every budget and palate. Wines by the glass however are limited to five choices. There are, of course, Champagnes and beers and a large selection of spirits and liqueurs. For something a little less potent, try the jasmine tea that comes round periodically on the house. It's mild and light and aids digestion.

The Last Word

This is arguably the best dim sum restaurant in South London, fabulous food in a striking setting. Quality and quantity have an even playing field here and remember, the bigger the group of people the more things you can try.

My partner and I ate last night at China Boulevard. This is a superb restaurant with a very courteous and professional staff. The view as we were eating on the mezzanine, right on the Thames, is amazing. Most of all it gave us both the feeling of entering one of those Chinese restaurants we used to love to eat in during our travels in South East Asia - Kuala lumpure, Bangkok, Penang... the atmosphere here in London is very much alike and very relaxing... and this fantastic smell of high quality chinese food!!!

We had a great time, the food was very good and we will be back!

A+ recommendation! Anyone who wants to bring friends and have a good night out eating real chinese food in an authentic and high class environment can hardly find better in London.

Reviewer Anonymous

A behemoth of an eatery overlooking the river, China Boulevard is as loud & brash as you like, decked out for its other purpose: a wedding & corporate-entertaining venue for the Chinese community, complete with flowers, karaoke rooms & red ribbons. It's not a look that sits comfortably with stiff-upper-lipped Brits, but that doesn't bother the plentiful clientele, who provide the place with a constant buzz of Mandarin & Cantonese chatter. They come for the enormous range of food from across China: excellent dim sum, varied set menus & interesting vegetarian food. Innovation isn't a forte, but for dishes such as gai lan with ginger, Suzhou beef with dried lemon zest, & Hokkaido scallop soup, there's nowhere better for miles. Half-price dim sum on weekdays adds to the appeal.

  • Overall: 9
  • Food & Drink: 10
  • Service: 8
  • Atmosphere: 7
  • Value: 7


Outstanding one of the best I´ve been too. We miss it alot! the dim sum is legendary!

Ned D. ( 30s, Male )
March 2010

Please Note : China Boulevard do not sell Shark Fin products.